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Competition Secretary

Please note that Carl has indicated that he will be stepping down as Competition Secretary therefore we are looking for a volunteer to take over.

If you would like to take on this job please let me know asap. – Without a Competition Secretary we can’t have a competition!

Come and Try it session on Friday

Judith and I are hosting a ‘Come and Try it’ session for two people on Friday, (5th January), 1.00 to 3.00pm.

Unfortunately Judith is not feeling very well at the moment.

Does anyone feel able to come along and help to supervise?



Box Making Workshop

The box making workshop in September is now fully subscribed.

I will look at holding a second workshop if there is enough interest.

If you are interested please let me know.


The following are for sale:

Clark 37” lathe

Henry Taylor –   2” Roughing gouge

1” Roughing Gouge

¾” Round nose scraper

½” Bowl Gouge

5/8” Spindle Gouge

¼” Parting Tool

Sorby –              Captive Ring Tools (3)

835H, 836H, 837H

Marples –           ½” Round nose scraper

½” Skew

½” Pointed Scraper

Also –        1” Skew,  ½” Skew, ½” round nose scraper,

½” pointed scraper, 3/8” Gouge, ½” Gouge, 1” Gouge

1/8” Parting tool

2” Face plate – 4” face plate

Several blanks

£200 the lot

Any body who is interested please e mail me for contact details.




Season’s Greetings

I’ve not been able to get to the last couple of Turning Tuesdays so Season’s Greetings to everyone, and see you in the New Year.

Phil H

Workshop Times over Christmas 2017

I believe the following is correct – let me know if there are any inaccuracies:

Tue 26th Dec (Evening): Closed (despite some people wanting an excuse to escape, sorry!)

Wed 27th Dec (Afternoon): Closed (as David has already indicated)

Wed 27th Dec (Evening): Open as usual

Tue 2nd Jan (Evening): Closed

Wed 3rd Jan (both): Open as usual

Box Making Course

The Box Making course on 22nd September has a maximum of 4 participants – 2 places have already been booked! If you are interested please sign up asap.


Wednesday 27th December

Dear All,

I will not be opening the workshop during the afternoon of Wednesday 27th December.

The next Wednesday afternoon opening will be Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

A happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all.

Keep on turning!


Introduction to Woodturning Course 2018

The next Introduction to Woodturning Course will be taken by me, and held in our premises in Castle Douglas starting on Thursday 22nd March for 6 weeks, ending on Thursday 26th April 2018.

Each session starts at 7 pm and we aim to be finished at 9 pm, and consists of 3 sessions on spindle turning (long thin things) and three sessions on faceplate turning (short flat things).

The aim of the course is to teach turning, and not necessarily make a ‘thing’, however we often do end up with something recognisable by pure coincidence. Quality shavings, techniques and fun is what we are after, and we always achieve that.

Rolf Buwert

Galloway Woodturners Facebook

For those of you who like to use Facebook please look us up at “Galloway Woodturners” and click ‘Like’.

We would then love to see what you have made for friends and family by posting your photos to our Facebook page.

It would also be great to see photos of what new toys and books (woodturning related) Santa brings you.