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Border Woodturners Newsletter 20th March 2020

Hello folks,

for a little while we have to suspend our regular meetings so the club is going to come to you instead! 

The club will send out a regular newsletter by email to all members and keep you up to date with whats going on with other club members and where possible include news from further afield. If you know a member who doesn’t have email then why not give them a ring and have a chat, most woodturners don’t bite!

The newsletter will, hopefully, include:

  • A handy hint or tip from members or from further afield, for example a hint on the best way to sharpen a skew for opening paint tins….that’ll definitely get at least one email!!
  • A photograph (or several) showing “whats on the lathe” so you can see what other members are making.

So you can see that there is plenty of opportunity for you to participate, you don’t need to write volumes or produce photos suitable for use on a magazine cover. If you have a mobile phone you can take photos and send them through. If you don’t know how then just call your grandkids and they will explain how, we all like being patronised by teenagers!

We have also begun speaking to the professional turners who have demonstrated at the club in the past and have been given a very warm reception, so we can expect some hints, tips and photographs from them as we progress.

The club competition is still on, please photograph your entries and send them through. Entries will be put onto the website and we will arrange a voting system on the website to allow you to vote for your favourites.

Please remember that the club is not a building, a date on a calendar or a lathe. The club is the members and the shared interest we all have.

So to get things going here is a starting point (please switch on your images in this email or you wont be able to see the photos!! ):


For those of us who use Carbide tools (no, I’m not the antichrist) and for those of us who use scrapers I have noticed a tendency for people not to realise that they have the tool at the wrong angle. When I do beginners sessions with these tools I have noticed that folks don’t always realise that the tool is pointing up ….until things go horribly wrong (loud bang, lots of swearing).

Interestingly this seems to be a bigger issue for taller people, or at least that’s what I have noticed. So in order to overcome this I came up with two things:

  1. Take a simple plastic bubble level (you can get them on eBay) and stick a magnet on to the bottom of it with super glue. You can then attach this to the shaft of the tool, the bubble should be near you when using the tool, if it goes to the other end of the level then things are going to become unpleasant. 


  1. Once you have done this then you remember to use it with a simple ABC.
    A = anchor (the tool to the rest)
    B= Bubble, get it where it should be
    C= cut (or in this case scrape)

Carl Burns


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One Response to “Border Woodturners Newsletter 20th March 2020”

  1. Ken Coates says:

    Hello Rolf , As I do not have a face book account is there an easy way to put pictures on the web site to be included in the message part ,
    As I find it very difficult to navigate round the other parts of the web site.

    Hope you and your family are well and safe.
    Kind regards Ken.

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