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Beginner’s Woodturning Course

My Beginner’s Woodturning Course starts this Thursday, 7th February at 7pm. The first three weeks are spindle turning (long thin things) and the following three weeks will be faceplate turning, (round flat things).

The course is full, but I could squeeze one or two more in if someone volunteers to help in a supporting role (you know the kind of things, making the tea, sweeping up fetching and carrying … but mainly keeping an eye on folks, double checking safety, first aid and tool maintenance)

If you have booked a place please confirm you are still able to come, and If you would like to help, or would like the last place or two, let me know.

As with previous courses it is about having fun, basic techniques, and making things (there is no exam). There is no expectation to come away with a recognisable item but most folks do. The aim is to have the skills to turn wood whatever way you want, making wonderful things in your own style, having a satisfying journey along the way.

My next course will be another Ladies Course, possibly a two piece item that fits together, and this will be a all day Saturday event again. Let me know if you are interested ladies.

If there is sufficient interest there will be another Beginners Course before the summer.

Guys, if you want a specific course on a subject we have done before, or something completely new (maybe something that we have seen demonstrated on a club night, or by a professional turner) let me know and either I will deliver it, or will find someone who can do it better.

Understanding catches

That great woodturner, Richard Raffan, has written several books on woodturning but also probably the most useful Youtube video on
catches and dig ins. I thought I would share this, or remind folks who have already seen it. (Thanks Susan for reminding me about this video)

Programme for 2019

The programme for 2019 has been updated, and I am delighted to say that we have a very full programme, with some excellent professional turners demonstrating and holding workshops. More importantly we have the return of some of our most impressive and competent members giving demonstrations. Mick, both Phils and Jake will return, each with their own style and skills. So please look at the programme, and mark the dates in your diary so you don’t miss any. With 6 visiting turners and 5 of our own members there is plenty of variety to see and inspire us.

Happy New Year

Wishing you all, members, non members, the curious, and visitors, a very Happy New Year, good health and prosperity in 2019.

May your chosen Deity bless you and bring you much happiness in the coming year, and distract you from moaning about it if he (or she) does not.

Let us find time to turn wood in whatever style, or colour, suits us, and treat woodturning this year as a hobby, therapy, or whatever makes us more skilled at our craft and more creative thinkers.

… and for those who are not that bothered about turning may you come along to the club meetings, the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions and visiting professional turners just for the entertainment value and to be in the company of some excellent people


On this fourth Sunday of Advent, the day before Christmas eve, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope you have a great holiday, lots of fun with family and friends, or a peaceful relaxing time with a few people who are special to you. Santa will surely bestow upon you gifts from Axminster, Ashley Isles, Crown and G&S Timber. Bring your new (woodturning related) toys to the February meeting, to relive and share your excitement.

A belated happy Hanukkah or Bodhi Day for those who do not celebrate Christmas.


Wednesday 19th December 2018

Dear All,

The workshop will not be open from 2.00 to 4.00 on Wednesday 19th December as we are all getting ready for Christmas.

We plan to be open again 2.00 to 4.00 on Wednesday 9th January 2019.

A merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to All.

Curly Top Box

In response to Micks request below are some pictures of the box I made at the demonstration last week.

Beginners Course

John just finished his beginners course with a beautiful Ash Bowl just in time for Christmas. For his spindle project he chose to turn an elegant “Lady” which was equally stunning.

If anyone wishes to come to Creetown for a course I have non booked until April.

Odd email

We got an odd email late last night, seeming to come from Galloway Woodturners, referencing Bobby Carson. I am sure it is spam. Please don’t click on any links, just delete it. No idea how it got through.


Club Competition February 2019

The club competition, for February, because remember we don’t have a meeting in January, is a curly topped box.

The item can be a replica of Rogers box or something very similar but inspired by Roger’s box.  Texturing and colouring is permitted but not mandatory, so consider what your judges will be looking for. Good luck, and remember there will be prizes again for the winners.