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Help, please!

Hi everyone,

David and I are on grandparenting duty next week, and I have just realised that it clashes with the club meeting, and we cannot be there.

Is there anyone who would be willing to do the reception desk, please? You would need to arrive by 6.30 and set up a table at the door. Everything is kept in the cupboard to the right of the door: 2 boxes of name badges, raffle tickets in the drawer, bowl/vase for money and tickets, marker pen in case a badge is needed for a new member. Bring your own pen to mark the attendance sheet, and don’t forget your specs! It’s a good way of learning everyone’s names. I will print off an attendance sheet and leave it in the top drawer of the cupboard. If anything unexpected happens, just write it down (e.g. no change, we owe So-and-so £3).

Raffle prizes need to be sorted. Sometimes someone buys prizes (if they’ve seen a bargain at Aldi), or offers something, and any deficit is made up from the shop. We need three nice prizes +/- a silly one. Jimmy will find something in the shop, but if he isn’t there, one of the committee will help. Raffle tickets are £1 each. Feel free to push people!

Visitors are welcome at £3 each. They get a Visitor Badge to wear, and their name needs to be written on the sheet. If someone wants to join, subscriptions renew in October, so they may wish to wait till then. If they are keen to join immediately, it’s £10, and you should get a committee member to deal with them. They need to fill in a membership form which you will find in the drawer.



August Competition Non-Round Bowl

Competition Novice August 2018

Competition Mature August 2018

Box making workshop for ladies. Saturday, October 13th.

I had promised the ladies of the last workshop I led that I would find a date for a ladies box making workshop.

There will be spaces again for 6, and the date will be Saturday 13th October, 10am to 4pm, bring your own lunch, and £10 for the club (the money not the lunch). If you would like to have a place on this workshop let me know.

Again, bring your drawings, photographs and ideas, plus seasoned wood blanks (or buy some wood from the club – maybe select it on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening beforehand so that you have more time to select a suitable piece).



Please note that the Box Making Workshops in September and October are now fully subscribed.

If there is further interest then I can look at putting on another workshop early next year.

New workshop dates

Sharpening Workshop, by request. Thursday 20 September, 19.00 – 21.00 ish.

Finishing with CA. Sunday 4 November, 13.30 – 16.30.

Signup sheets for both these are on the Club Notice board.

Box Workshops

Earlier this year I indicated that I would be doing a Box making workshop in September. Following the response I said that I would probably put on two workshops. These will be on Saturday the 22nd September and Sunday 21st October.

Would those people who indicated that they would like to come on the workshop please let me know if they are still interested and which workshop they would like to attend.

Many thanks


August Notices

Please fine the August Notices below, please not the amendment to the Inter Club Competition – We nee 5 entries.

Notices –  August 2018

Tonight, As a change in the programme , Rolf will be tackling some branchwood

The wood of the month – Ash

 The September Meeting. We  will be looking at pyrography with a demonstration by Ivan Stelling of “Molten Fire”. We hope to have a few pyrography machines available for members to have a go.

See Ivan’s web site –

If you have a pyrography machine and would be willing to bring it along for members to have a go please let me know (e mail).

Our next professional demonstration will be by Joey Richardson

This will be next Saturday the 18th August – Tickets available from the shop – £15 including lunch. Please note that we have 12 members from other clubs already signed up to see Joey

Joey is a world class turner having exhibited her work at numerous world galleries. To see some of Joey’s work log on her web site –

In October we have Mick Hanbury making a return visit. As he was so well received last time he was with us we have booked him for Sunday 14th October – More details next month but put the date in your diary

Inter-Club Competition. This will again be at Border Woodturners on Sunday 28th of October. We have to indicate if we are going to enter by the end of September so please bring along any piece you wish to enter at the September meeting. We need five entries from 5 different members.

Club Officers – At our April Committee meeting I indicated that I will be standing down as Chair in October. Subsequently David has also said he will be standing down as Secretary. So we are looking for two people to take over from out AGM in October. If you would like to suggest someone, or volunteer yourself please let a member of the committee know.


Better Bowls Workshop 6th October

Thanks to everybody who asked for a place on my Better Bowls Workshop on 6th October – the workshop is now full.

We have Ken, Jimmy, Raymond, Andrew, Robert and Arthur signed up, so there is a good mix of abilities experience and styles, and therefore loads of wisdom and enthusiasm to share amongst the six participants.

Time constraints prevent me from doing any more courses or workshops (apart from one Box Workshop which is half arranged) this year. Next year I would like to try something different, so if you have any suggestions or requests for me, or another member of the club, to lead, let me know.


Better Bowls Workshops 4th August and 6th October

The workshop for this Saturday is full, and I look forward to seeing what Louise Allen, Ruth Johnson, Helen Coles, Denise McClurg, Sarah Burns and Jayne Ashley produce in the way of shavings and bowl styles.

I have tried to contact Denise, but her email seems to be out of date, or I have typed it wrong. does anyone have contact details?


The next BB workshop will be on 6th October and I have three names already (Ken, Raymond and Jimmy) there will be space for another three, so if you are interested you know what to do.



Better Bowls Course Saturday 4th August

Less than a week now to our next Better Bowls course at Castle Douglas, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The course is from 10 am and finishes at 4pm. In the past I have been happy to extend this a little, and am happy to do so again, however I do have another appointment at 5:15 so we will try our best to be closer to 4 than in the past.

As you all can turn bowl, this is more of a WORKSHOP to make better bowl, so bring some previously turned bowls if you want, some blanks that you are not sure about how to turn, some photos or drawings, or just some ideas. (also bring a packed lunch).

Woodturning is all about having fun, so we aim to make better bowls, but just making better shavings would also do. Please feel no pressure, we will all learn something, be better turners and the better bowls we strive for may not be made during this workshop but the better thought processes that enable us to make better bowls will be developed here. I will bring some blanks, and the club has some for sale.

Often we are more comfortable using our own tools, so bring them if you want (and we can maybe sharpen them too as part of the workshop).

The five places allocated for Saturday are all I can manage, so if you have signed up and can’t make it on Saturday let me know and I will see if someone else from that 50% of the population can step in. If you can make it it would be nice to get a confirmation from you, and let me know if you want to try anything specific, as it may need me to find a matching blank, tool, or materials.

I know that I wanted to fix a date for another course/workshop in September or October but the gap in my diary has not opened up yet so I will have to put it on hold just now. I will let you all know as soon as I can find a free day.