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Better Bowls Workshop 6th October

Thanks to everybody who asked for a place on my Better Bowls Workshop on 6th October – the workshop is now full.

We have Ken, Jimmy, Raymond, Andrew, Robert and Arthur signed up, so there is a good mix of abilities experience and styles, and therefore loads of wisdom and enthusiasm to share amongst the six participants.

Time constraints prevent me from doing any more courses or workshops (apart from one Box Workshop which is half arranged) this year. Next year I would like to try something different, so if you have any suggestions or requests for me, or another member of the club, to lead, let me know.


Better Bowls Workshops 4th August and 6th October

The workshop for this Saturday is full, and I look forward to seeing what Louise Allen, Ruth Johnson, Helen Coles, Denise McClurg, Sarah Burns and Jayne Ashley produce in the way of shavings and bowl styles.

I have tried to contact Denise, but her email seems to be out of date, or I have typed it wrong. does anyone have contact details?


The next BB workshop will be on 6th October and I have three names already (Ken, Raymond and Jimmy) there will be space for another three, so if you are interested you know what to do.



Better Bowls Course Saturday 4th August

Less than a week now to our next Better Bowls course at Castle Douglas, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The course is from 10 am and finishes at 4pm. In the past I have been happy to extend this a little, and am happy to do so again, however I do have another appointment at 5:15 so we will try our best to be closer to 4 than in the past.

As you all can turn bowl, this is more of a WORKSHOP to make better bowl, so bring some previously turned bowls if you want, some blanks that you are not sure about how to turn, some photos or drawings, or just some ideas. (also bring a packed lunch).

Woodturning is all about having fun, so we aim to make better bowls, but just making better shavings would also do. Please feel no pressure, we will all learn something, be better turners and the better bowls we strive for may not be made during this workshop but the better thought processes that enable us to make better bowls will be developed here. I will bring some blanks, and the club has some for sale.

Often we are more comfortable using our own tools, so bring them if you want (and we can maybe sharpen them too as part of the workshop).

The five places allocated for Saturday are all I can manage, so if you have signed up and can’t make it on Saturday let me know and I will see if someone else from that 50% of the population can step in. If you can make it it would be nice to get a confirmation from you, and let me know if you want to try anything specific, as it may need me to find a matching blank, tool, or materials.

I know that I wanted to fix a date for another course/workshop in September or October but the gap in my diary has not opened up yet so I will have to put it on hold just now. I will let you all know as soon as I can find a free day.


August / September Club Nights

As indicated at our last meeting the programme for August will have to be changed and we were looking for ideas for both the August and September Club Nights.

We have now set the programme as follows:

August will be Rolf looking at what to do with Branch Wood – The competition, following on from the last demo is a non round bowl.

September we will have a demonstration on pyrography by  Ivan Stelling.  Ivan works under the name “Molten Fire” and his web site is   We hope to make the second half of this evening a hands on session with a few pyrography units set up, but we will see how the evening goes. –  The competition for September will be set by Rolf at the August meeting.


Next few competitions

Sorry if I’m being dim but I can’t see what the competition items are for September onwards. Is there a list somewhere please?



Galloway Woodturners 2018 Programme

It gives some information, but not too much so that the seriously  competitive members start making their competition entries now.

Joey Richardson Demonstration

A reminder that we have world acclaimed woodturner and artist Joey Richardson demonstrating for us on Saturday 18th August.

Tickets are available from the club shop or you can reserve by e mailing me.

Demand for this demonstration is showing to be high with 11 tickets already booked to other clubs.


Kirkcudbright Country Fair 2018

Thank you to everyone who came and helped at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair this weekend, the weather held right up until the last hour. Those who stayed until the very end to help pack everything had to suffer getting wet, but at least did not have to endure the soaking which the young ladies from the horseback acrobatics team had to endure during the last show of the weekend.

Several people, young and old, expressed an interest in woodturning and the club. We have had members join as a result of the enthusiasm of our members at the show before, and it is quite possible that we will do so again. Those members who submitted items for sale have had the quality of their turning vindicated by people buying them. If you submitted items which did not sell this does not mean they were no good, it just means that the person who appreciated it and wanted to buy it was not at Kirkcudbright this weekend. I have the list of sales and have calculated each person’s share of the cash in the tin and will pass their ‘takings’ (ranging from 95 p to £21.85) to them next time I see them.  Unsold items are in my van, along with the Jet lathe and bench, and I will take then back to the club on Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Special thanks to Arthur and his Stick Maker friends who did the early organisation and supported the club over the weekend. Again, thank you, well done everyone.


Wednesday afternoon opening of the workshop

Dear All,

Holidays and other family commitments mean that I will not be opening the club workshop on Wednesday afternoons until further notice.

Best wishes,


Kirkcudbright Country Fair 14th and 15th July 2018

Thanks to everyone who said they would come to the Country Fair, either yesterday at ‘Turning Wednesday’ or via email/web site.

In answer to your questions (as far as I can remember).

Never having been before I can’t advise which entrance to use, I am just going to the first entrance I see and comply with any signs I see, or instructions I receive from ‘gatekeepers’.

If you can’t make it for 08:30 that is fine, either we have enough already to unload the van, or I will recruit some strapping farming girls/ guys to lift things into position.

Should there be too many volunteers ! then feel free to look around the rest of the site and come back later. Should there not be enough volunteers then please stick around for another 4 hours ! I intend to be first there and last out, but the event is fairly casual so everyone else is free to come and go as they see fit without having their wages docked.

Sunday may be the day we need more volunteers, but maybe Saturday will be the busier day? It may depend on which way the wind blows.

Bring any products you may have to sell, if you are unsure if they are of sufficient quality to sell then the customers will decide, they will not part with money for something which they think is not worth it. I may cast my eye over things first and if you see me struggling to contain laughter then feel free to withdraw the item, if you see me go for my wallet, abrasive paper and a pyro pen to put my own name on it and resell at a higher price, then you know it is of sufficient quality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so give it a go and have your confidence boosted by a wad of cash from customers less 5% commission for the club)

If you want to demonstrate then maybe bring your club smock, a couple of your own tools so you are familiar with them, and a piece of wood so that you can make the thing you have in mind. I will have some pieces, but do not intend to make anything that is going to take ages, our audience like to see some item take shape in front of them rather than 45 minutes of sanding, polishing or waiting for varnish to dry. A finely sharpened tool, 1 minute of light sanding and a quick wipe with an oil finish is fine for most items.

We will be inside a tent so sunblock is not so important, but a bottle of water is a good thing to bring.


Kirkcudbright Country Fair 14th and 15th July 2018

Hi folks,

So this is the plan for the clubs attendance at the Kirkcudbright Country Fair this weekend.

I will pick up a lathe, tables, display boards, tools, abrasives, wood and a club banner this evening (Wednesday) and any products you want to sell (although you can come on Saturday or Sunday to top up our sales table – remember to put a price on it otherwise we will price it ourselves (50p?).

Bill, Ken, Phil H have so far said they will come and help at the table or lathe (thanks).

If you make pens, come along with your kits and make some, all those made last year sold. Other things we could make are spinning tops, spurtles, honey drizzlers etc – anything that is quick, easy and fits in a pockets goes down well from the demonstration and sales aspect.

Nobody has said they will be there on Sunday yet. It is unproven theology that you will burn in hell for ever if you don’t attend church on Sunday, so come along through the day, attend an evening service, or have something to repent for next Sunday. For all you unbelievers – you are going to burn in hell for ever, so you have nothing to loose by supporting the club on Sunday. So let me know if you can make it, either day.

We have had new members from events such as this in the past, so our role is to promote the club and share our love of woodturning so that more people can enjoy the craft.



2018 Kirkcudbright Country Fair