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Better Bowls Workshop

The Better Bowls Workshop will take place on this Saturday (6th October) starting at 10 am and finishing at 4pm.

I have the following people listed

Ken, Jimmy, Raymond, Andrew, Robert, and  Arthur

and I believe Jimmy is having to work (don’t worry Jimmy, you will grow out of this work thing) but I would rather not replace him as this still leaves 5 on the workshop with the space for Jimmy to join us for part of the day if he can/ wants to.

As is the case for my previous bowls courses, bring your own lunch, £10 for the course, but more importantly your ideas, wood blanks (or buy a blank form the club’s stock) or a previous bowl you have made. Some of your earlier bowls can be remade as we tend to make them fairly chunky and now have the skill to ‘lighten’ them with a slightly improved form, with thinner walls and space for decoration. Lets see your previous bowls at the start of the session and we can see how much better our bowls are at the end of the workshop.

This is not a course, but a workshop, so we have no set ‘lesson plan’ or formal ‘aims and objectives’ I will provide a setting where we can learn from each other, but also give what guidance and experience I can from the 12 years that I have been making bowls, plates and boxes. We will have fun, gain confidence, become wiser, safer and more adventurous.



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  1. Raymond McGarva says:

    Looking forward to it Rolf and turning again not been on the lathe since start of summer. I’ve got a right chunk that needs ‘fixed’ lol.

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