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Better Bowls Course Saturday 4th August

Less than a week now to our next Better Bowls course at Castle Douglas, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The course is from 10 am and finishes at 4pm. In the past I have been happy to extend this a little, and am happy to do so again, however I do have another appointment at 5:15 so we will try our best to be closer to 4 than in the past.

As you all can turn bowl, this is more of a WORKSHOP to make better bowl, so bring some previously turned bowls if you want, some blanks that you are not sure about how to turn, some photos or drawings, or just some ideas. (also bring a packed lunch).

Woodturning is all about having fun, so we aim to make better bowls, but just making better shavings would also do. Please feel no pressure, we will all learn something, be better turners and the better bowls we strive for may not be made during this workshop but the better thought processes that enable us to make better bowls will be developed here. I will bring some blanks, and the club has some for sale.

Often we are more comfortable using our own tools, so bring them if you want (and we can maybe sharpen them too as part of the workshop).

The five places allocated for Saturday are all I can manage, so if you have signed up and can’t make it on Saturday let me know and I will see if someone else from that 50% of the population can step in. If you can make it it would be nice to get a confirmation from you, and let me know if you want to try anything specific, as it may need me to find a matching blank, tool, or materials.

I know that I wanted to fix a date for another course/workshop in September or October but the gap in my diary has not opened up yet so I will have to put it on hold just now. I will let you all know as soon as I can find a free day.



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4 Responses to “Better Bowls Course Saturday 4th August”

  1. Raymond McGarva says:

    Hi rolf
    I don’t think I’m signed up for this one, but just on of chance I am, I’m away on the bike to callander this weekend to callander with RF owners club. Apologies if I was signed up, but hopefully someone can take my place if so required.

  2. Ken Coates says:

    Hello Rolf, I will not be able to make the better bowls ,workshop day on Saturday as I am on holiday in Northumberland, and returning home on Sunday the 5th.
    Hopefully you will,find someone to fill my place.

    Ken Coates.

  3. Helen Coles says:

    thanks Rolf looking forward to Saturday

  4. Jayne Ashley says:

    Hi Rolf,

    if there is space I would love to do this if possible. I’m sure my membership must have lapsed though so I’ll need to pay to get up to date and not sure how I do that.


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