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April’s Wheel Demo

Some images of the wheels demonstrated I did at the April meeting.

The ones with the five short spokes are more decorative than practical as the spokes are bamboo skewers, which are strong enough but not for children to play with. Spokes on both are 72° apart.

The jig for the solid wheels has a removable plug to keep the hub located while the remaining four holes are drilled (from the back).

I like ‘full profile’ tyres on my vehicles but it is more fashionable, especially on sporty cars, to have ‘low profile’ tyres. If you are making a Land Rover type toy car then you want the tyre part to be quite substantial, but for low profile tyres you want it much thinner, and the centre hub/rim to be correspondingly larger.

Chose the colour of your woods according to the use the wheel is being put to, namely as dark a wood as possible for black rubber tyres with a light wood for the centre to suggest an aluminium / silver metal wheel. For traction engines, trains and cart wheels you would want similar lighter woods which might be more easily painted.

Remember if you are making a toy car that might have spare wheel, strapped to the side or back, that you want to make a set of five wheels at the same time for consistency of colour. It is surprisingly quick to make a set of wheels in one go, especially if you have a set of three or more callipers set to the different internal and external diameters.  


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