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April 2020 Competition: A Time Piece

Dear All,

Next Tuesday, 14th April, we should have been at the workshop for the April 2020 Club meeting.  Steve was to have demonstrated “An Egg Box” and the Club competition was to have been “A Time Piece”.

We all understand why we cannot be there for the event BUT we could go ahead with a virtual competition by submitting photos of those pieces we would have wished to enter.  I hope we are all still turning in our workshops whilst still maintaining our social isolation ~ even if only to get out of the house for a while!  A competitive element might spur us on.

What do you think? Would you be prepared to join in?

We could ask Mike to advise on how best to judge such a competition and publish the results.  Then, when life has returned to normal, we could bring in those items for which we have submitted photos to the next Club meeting and hold a retrospective competition.

I attach a couple of photos of two of my clocks as my proposed entry for the April event.  They were made from a Yew branch turned propeller-wise before being halved and the clock mechanisms inserted.

Look after yourself and your family and keep turning.

Best wishes,



D Simpson April 2020 Competition Entry
D Simpson April 2020 Competition Entry Rear and side view


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7 Responses to “April 2020 Competition: A Time Piece”

  1. Rolf Buwert says:

    Great thinking David, and I am all for it. Mike is such a clever fella that I am sure he could work something out that would keep us going until we meet for real again. Nice pair of clocks David, I was to begin with quite confused about the grain pattern in relation to the way it was turned and then cut, but have worked it out at last. Now to go to the workshop, did out the lathe and make something for the competition.

  2. Raymond McGarva says:

    Love this idea.. now if I get it right, enclosed will be photos of a timepiece I made for my wife last year, she is mad on bagpuss, so used a badge for the number 12, the other numbers are 5 & 10p pieces. The wood is sapele mahogany. Please be

  3. Raymond McGarva says:

    Sorry can someone please put photos in comments instead of link, I’m a technonocando. lol.

  4. Mick Schofield says:

    Good evening chaps. It would be great to have a competition through this website but my small brain has been unable to work out how we can do it, organise the photos, vote etc. Also, I fear we will have very few entries. It would be great to see what everyone is making. I made a pocket watch for the April competition but I can’t even work out how to get the photos on here (unless I create a new post).

  5. Rolf Buwert says:

    Hi Mick, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have made my entry and copied the images to the ‘Media’ folder on our web site. If you have made something then you can either try and do the same, or upload them to Facebook, or send them to me as an email attachment (I will then move them to the club web site) .
    Tomorrow evening I will create a new post here, with all the images (yet to work out a way of identifying/ numbering them) and then everyone can reply to the post, either by logging in and replying on the web site, or by sending me an email with your vote.
    Originally I had thought we could do the count at 8pm and have a result by 9pm, however, having thought about various factors that could slow the count down, I have decided we will give you a couple of days to vote, and we will let you all know the result then.
    So far we have five entries, so I am hoping for a few more tomorrow.

  6. Ken Coates says:

    Ken Coates, I am voting for number 5 and number 9.

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