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AGM 2020, 8th December.

This year is one best forgotten, or glossed over if possible, but there are some procedures that need to be dealt with, and the AGM is one of them.

Below is an extract of some relevant points from our constitution.

    • A Quorum of the Annual General Meeting shall be 25 per cent of the paid up membership to include at least two Officers.
    • The ordinary business to be transacted at each Annual General Meeting shall be:
      1. To receive and adopt the Chairman’s report of the previous years working.
      2. To receive and adopt the Treasurers report and the statement of account covering the financial affairs of the previous year.
      3. To elect Chairman, Officers and Members of the Committee for the following year.
      4. To elect an Honorary Auditor to verify the financial status of the Club.
      5. To fix the Annual Subscription for the coming year following submission of a Committee recommendation.
      6. Any other business that the Chairman of the AGM may seem fit.
    • Motions for the Annual General Meeting must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the date of the meeting.
    • Nominations for all Officer positions and for replacements for retiring ordinary members of the Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the time of the Annual General Meeting.
    • All nominations, proposals or motions for the Annual General meeting must be signed by both Proposer and Seconder, both of whom must be paid up members of the Club.

Although we have a written constitution, and try to stick to this as much as possible, Covid has forced us all to do things differently, so we will try and stay as closely as possible to the constitution but may be forced to be flexible in order to see the club and membership through this most unusual year.  

The committee currently stands at

Rolf Buwert  Chairman, Christine Carson  treasurer, Sarah Burns secretary, Bill McCoskry, James Brown, Bryan Jardine, David Simpson,  and Mick Schofield voted onto committee taking on the role as competition secretary.

I will send all current members an email with the link to the Zoom AGM a few days before the 8th December.


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